Saturday, October 8, 2016


on Saturday, 10/09/2016 after archery lessons at school, my dad taught Asya (my sister), the basics of basketball. he taught her how to pass, shoot, and dribble. Asya did pretty well,she is better at basketball even though she still can't shoot the ball to the net. it was fun. we can do it again some day

Saturday, May 2, 2015

planting party

Today, saturday, 2, April, 2015 this morning, Asya invited me to a planting party. First we moved Asya's tomato plant to the soil instructed by Genpa.(the picture is a little blur)
and then, we watered alot of plants, and by alot i mean alot.

while we were doing that, Genpa explained about fertilizer a little. then we played a little game. first, we have to find as many flowers as we can, then we have to find as many colourful plants as we can, then we went inside the house and take a bath. this blog is from the baby band nature research center.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DARR concert

One night i went to a concert. I love the songs, it was diatas rata rata concert. The singers were: Trio Boy sopranos: A trio that has a high voice thats so cool (the singers in this trio: cristo, moses, sabian). their song : damai bersamamu . Sensen: A boy with a cool voice thats almost like so jazzy. his song : apanya dong,friendshipsong (with noni,kanya,rafi),air (with sandhy sandoro),jangan marah (with sandhy sandoro). Trio aorea: A trio with a powerful voice.A very very super voice.It's fantastic.(the singers from this trio:dea,rara,naomi) their song:beutiful (with dira sugandi),one of the group bandsmash songs (with dira sugandi),kenangan terindah ,noni:A girl with a cool voice. She can play the piano,her song: di duniaku,friend ship song (with kanya,sensen,rafi). Rafi:A boy with cool jazzy song and can play the piano so cool. His song:doobedoo,balonku,friend ship song (with noni , kanya , sensen).ari:A boy with a smooth sound.Its a very cool voice itsgreat.His song:ayah, song for mom(with woro and dian)l woro:a great singer from java she's a great dalang (puppet master) and sinden (traditional singer). singing: walang kekek (praying mantis), a traditional song from central java, song for mom (with ari and dian) kanya, a  girl with a beautiful jazzy voice and its so lovely. her song: melati suci, friendship song ( with noni, sensen, and rafi ). dian. asinger with a lovely sopran voice. her song : kupu-kupu, song for mom ( with woro and ari ).

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Anya's info part 2 : Parasit & Epivit

They're alot's of plants in this world but sometimes they're are plants that   grow on other plants.One of them is tali putri.Tali putri is a plant that grows on other plants.That plant will grow on that plant wrap it around until its out of air suck out they're food runs out.And they die.It's called  parasit plants. Like benalu. Altough they have leafs they can't get they're own food.Becareful friends before they die cut them of so your plant will live.Not like anggrek and pakis they have roots and leaves so they take food from the dust and water from the air around them. It's called epivit plants. See you enjoy my info

Anya's infopart1 : Having idols

Having idols could be fun like : Miley cyrus,Bruno mars,and all others. But for islam our idol is : Nabi Muhammad SAW! Having Muhammad as an idol will be fun for idols that are singers do not do what they do. Exm: Do not wear the same clothes like them,Do not copy there atitude but for Muhammad do how he spends his daily life like: When you want to go to sleep,How he be patient in dakwah it's called sunah rosul